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iPhone Lafayette keeps all of the parts and supplies needed to repair your smartphone or tablet in stock. We can offer the services below—and others—at an affordable price with very quick turnaround time. Most of these repairs are completed within an hour, with very few taking longer than a day.

Here are some of the more common problems we fix – but if you don’t find yours in this list, don’t worry. We provide a full diagnostic service to get down to the bottom of your problem, regardless of what it may be.


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Screen Replacement

Screen replacements are among the most common repairs needed with smartphones. When something’s made of glass, it’s bound to break. That’s where we come in. With very competitive pricing and the best team of technicians around, we’ve got you covered.

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LCD Replacement

Your display is arguably the most important part of your device. Without a picture, it’s pretty much useless. If it looks like someone spilled ink all over your device, your probably need a new LCD. Bring it to us! We’ll have you good as new in no time.

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Battery Replacement

Phone not turning on? It might be the battery. This is very common. Batteries over time will lose the ability to hold a charge. We can pop a new one in – no problem – and you’ll be back in action in less than 30 minutes.

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Bottom Dock Replacement

If you can’t charge the battery in your device, or perhaps no one can hear you when you make a phone call, this is what you need. Bottom docks send energy to your battery, and control the microphone for regular calls on iPhones. Sometimes they stop working, but don’t worry. We can get it going again for you.

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Speaker Replacement

No sound? No problem. There are two speakers in most modern mobile devices. One at the top for phone calls, and one at the bottom for external sound, like music or games. Both are easily replaceable and take less than an hour to be repaired.

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Button Repair

Not having working buttons is hugely inconvenient. Although accessibility features are built into the operating systems of most modern devices, and phones these days only have a couple of buttons – if any – it’s still not cool. Whether its the power button, volume controls, mute switch or home button – bring it to us. You’ll be changing settings like usual again before you know it.

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Liquid Damage

This is the worst. Whether you dropped your phone in the toilet, or the two-year-old just spilled apple juice all over Dad’s brand new iPad, the results are the same. This type of damage is often not repairable,

but we can try our best to get it back to you in working condition on the same day you bring it. No warranties are provided – and guarantees aren’t something we can offer either – but if you’re one of the lucky ones and your problem can be fixed, it will be fixed.

If not, we have a great selection of new and used phones and other devices to choose from – and data migration is included in the cost of the new device, so you can start making calls and playing Angry Birds again right away.

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iPad Repairs

Is your iPad broken or not working? Tired of looking for a specialized iPad repair center? You’ve come to the right place. We are specialists in the repairs of all iPads. We have well trained technicians who can repair the most complex problems on iPads. We have a state of the art service center to undertake work on all models of iPads.

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